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dividing lines choreographed by Janice Rosario explores how the American binary concept of race and sex robs individuals from a more expansive sense of identity. Diving into the complexity of the intersectionality of race and gender, it underscores how by letting go of these categories, one can find a better understanding of oneself and each other. 
6 dancers. 19 minutes 

Featuring an art installation by
architect Yuri Birchwood-Fuentes,
painter Jessica Weiss and
video artist Zander Padget.

X (Point of Intersection) choreographed by Janice Rosario explores the web of human interaction. We are not separate entities but a compilation of the interactions and people in our sphere. Do we have a choice and to what extent?

3 dancers, 8 minutes and 42 seconds

Featuring an art installation by architect Yuri Birchwood-Fuentes

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